What’s The Best Time Of Day To Meditate?

There are two times of day when it’s best to meditate:

  1. first thing in the morning, and
  2. every time you have been in a stressful situation

That’s, the basic answer.

if you want a more detailed answer, as well as one particular warning about the morning meditation session, stick around.

All throughout the day and night, our brains operate in different frequencies.

Different ranges of frequencies, known as Brainwave Frequency States. Brainwave States and these frequencies do different things. They allow different parts of your brain to function. They allow levels of access to your subconscious, mind and it’s incredibly important to realize this and to bear in mind when and how you do certain things throughout the day.

Now. A clear example of this is when you first wake up in the morning. Your brain is in what we call Alpha. The Alpha brainwave state is between seven and a half and 14 Hertz. Hertz is basically how you measure brainwaves and how fast they’re running.

It’s measured in cycles per second and, like I said, Alpha is seven and a half to 14 Hertz (or cycles per second), and you are in Alpha when you first wake up.

What does this mean? If you’re trying to focus on something, if you’re trying to do or study something or learn, something then Alpha is where you want to be.

Alpha is like literally the top. Alpha means stuff. Firstly, it’s the best state to be in because it allows you to have enhanced learning. You can focus on something, but you’re, not being distracted by all these different things.

You’re, focused on one thing and you’re able to connect the two hemispheres of your brain, the left and right hemisphere.

Most of the time we’re in the left hemisphere left brain and what you want to do is to be able to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain and used both of them at the same time, in what we call Flow State.

Flow State is where you have both hemispheres of the brain functioning at the same time, sharing information and ideas, and they’re connected via the bridge in the middle of the two hemispheres called the Corpus Callosum. This is an incredibly important state to be in and Flow State, for those of you who don’t know, is where you basically lose track of time.

You lose track of any other distractions and ideas, and you focus just on the one thing that you do want to do now.

Flow State is the goal; the holy grail for learning, studying, and focusing, but here’s, one incredibly powerful warning for you. By being in Alpha you open up your subconscious mind.

One of the reasons that you’re able to achieve Flow State is by letting the subconscious mind flood into your conscious awareness and connect different ideas from all kinds of different parts of your brain including your memories and mix them together into a sparkling kind of cocktail of really interesting stuff.

The danger of that is that when you’re in our four brain wave states, you are very open to suggestion. Any ideas and concepts and things that you hear or experience during when you’re in Alpha State will be absorbed by your subconscious brain like a sponge, and this is why the first thing you should do when you wake up is:

  • Do not look at your phone,
  • Don’t consume any media.
  • Don’t watch the TV
  • Don’t turn on the news.

It is the absolute worst time to do these things, because you will absorb those ideas and beliefs like a sponge, so it’s inappropriate for meditation, because the goal of meditation is to get into either Alpha or Theta.

The Theta State is really for deep meditation.

Most of us won’t, be doing that because most people don’t meditate for more than about 10 minutes. If you really want to get into Theta and even Delta in some extreme cases, then you need to be spending more time in meditation.

Most of you will just want to meditate and get into the Alpha brainwave state.

Now this is great for meditation, and in that sense you should meditate first thing in the morning, because you’re kind of already there. You’re already waking up in Alpha, so if the first thing you do when you wake up is to meditate you’re already in that brainwave frequency range.

It’s going to be fairly easy to stay there.

Now why would you want to meditate after a stressful situation?

Well, here’s, the main benefit of meditation. It reverses and reduces aging by lengthening your telomeres. By increasing your telomeres, you reverse or slow down the aging process. So what happens?

If you imagine telomeres like the kind of the caps on the ends of your shoelaces, the little plastic caps and then the shoelaces when the cap is gone, the shoelace kind of frays and decays and splinters out into all these different pieces. With the cap there or yhe telomere, in this case your chromosomes or the shoelace, is protected, so it doesn’t, really decay as fast. It’s protected against that decay.

So by meditating you lengthen your telomeres. You basically strengthen the protective caps on the ends of your chromosomes, which helps reverse or, at least, slow down the aging process.

So why do you care about that? Well, in relation to stress, stress is one of the biggest factors for aging and for health in general. Okay stress and in particular chronic stress is a very dangerous thing to experience on a long-term basis because it will damage your cells.

It will make your immune system weaker. Your motivation levels will drop. You’ll, get all kinds of health problems. If you have chronic stress now, chronic stress is usually caused by one or two things.

Every day it might be like you get caught up in traffic, you might not be able to park properly, your boss shouts at you, okay, something stressful happens, and you let that stress, sit there all day and you don’t let it go. Some people just can’t let things go easily.

It’s easier with practice, but what you should really do is every time you know you are stressed, you’re in a stressful situation, you’re annoyed or you’re angry, then just take a minute to calm down.

When you think you’ve calmed down then that’s when you should meditate. If you try and meditate in the middle of being angry, you’re, not really gonna be able to do it.

It’s, gonna be quite difficult, but if you wait until after you think you’ve calmed down, and then you meditate, you’re gonna massively reduce that stress response. Your hormonal response will reduce and you’ll begin to calm down and you will massively decrease your stress levels.

You’ll, get back into Alpha and away from Beta. So really what happens when you’re stressed? Your brainwaves go into Beta, but you’re also really stressed, and you have all kinds of stress hormones running through your body now.

What you need to do is to meditate after you’ve been stressed. Bring yourself back to Alpha and calm down.

Now you can meditate just before going to bed as well. However, I wouldn’t, recommend doing this just before going to bed, I like to meditate about an hour or so before I go to sleep, but you can also meditate as a sort of bridge between your working life and your relaxing life in the evening.

So to answer the question at the beginning: very simply, the best times are

  • First thing in the morning,
  • To meditate after a stressful situation, and
  • About an hour or so before you go to sleep.

These are the times when you’re going to get the most benefits, but I really want to just emphasize the Alpha Brainwaves:

  • Don’t consume content.
  • Don’t look at your phone.
  • Don’t do anything which could have ideas or concepts that you do not want in your subconscious mind when you’re in the Alpha Brainwave state.

For the first half an hour after you finished meditating, do not look at your social media, don’t watch videos on YouTube, don’t do any of that stuff, because there is always a risk that there will be something or some idea, some concept, some belief that will be embedded there and will become stuck in your subconscious mind because you’re in that Alpha State.

The Alpha state is basically like you’re opening your subconscious, mind and saying I’m gonna take in any information right now.

So, if you want to learn something, if you’re trying to learn, if you’re trying to learn a language, if you’re trying to focus on stuff, then you want the Alpha State to be there, because you want your subconscious, mind to be engaged, you want it to absorb things, so it’s great for language learning, great for focusing and studying.

If you’re, consuming media or content with negative messages, programming things you don’t want to have in your brain and in your subconscious, mind negative beliefs and all of those dangerous things like that then you do not want your mind to be in an Alpha State.

For most of you, just meditate in the morning for about 10 to 15 minutes with some binaural beats as well.

You also stressed if you’re also thinking about everything else. It’s a great brainwave state to be in for socializing and day to day activities. But if you’re trying to focus on something or meditate, if you’re trying to do those higher brain activities, those more important things, you need to be in Alpha and, by the way, if you want to meditate even deeper, you need to be in Theta or Delta.

Now to get to those brainwave states then typically, you would have to meditate for about half an hour or more. Usually it’s more than an hour to get down into Delta. Someone who’s experienced in meditating will generally take that amount of time. If you want a shortcut that, if you want to reach a Theta or Delta state without having to spend an hour, there is a device called a mind machine, meditation machine or a light and sound machine.

Basically, it’s like smooth goggles that you put on and some headphones and they are connected up to this device, which has a tracklist, and these tracks are synchronized and produced to synchronize the effect of the sounds in the goggles.

There are loads of flashing lights, different colored, flashing lights and then the headphones play, binaural beats which are a great way of creating what we call a frequency following response in your brain.

What this means is you hear these tones of slightly different frequencies, one played in each ear through stereo headphones, and they create a frequency following response, which makes your brainwaves follow along with that.

So if you listen to it for long enough, you’ll reach that brainwave state.

Now a mind machine combines the binaural beats with a visual stimulus, “Ganzfeld” frames or the flashing colored lights, basically synchronized ethically to the binaural beats, which makes your brain produce the brain waves that you want them to be.

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