The Right Mindset – New Motivation

If you want to be an impactful personality, you have to develop certain types of thinking and perceptions that change the way you see yourself and see the world no matter what you want to do in life, no matter what your ambition is, that your dreams can come true.

If you persevere, if you work hard and if you realize that what you might think is impossible, it is possible in today’s world. You have to keep yourself focused on whatever is your ultimate goal? There are stumbling blocks all the way through life. People get laid off or have a bad game.

You get traded from a team that you don’t want to be with, but if your goal – and your focus remains the same – that this is going to happen, and you know that you have the skills and you have the knowledge and the Instinct, to dig yourself out of this hole, you will dig yourself out the hole.

You have to control the situation. Don’t let the situation control you!

Your life is what you think it should be. You are what you thought you should be. If you don’t like who you are you’ve got to change what you think you should be, what you think is more important than what you do, and so, if you want to change, you’ve got to work on this attitude.

When you take on a massive change, whether it’s, trying to diet after a lifetime of being overweight or maybe running your first race after a lifetime of never ever exercising, or maybe it’s starting to date again after you lost your spouse to cancer, when you confront something that’s going to require you to change your behavior, you basically come face-to-face with the gap between who you are right now and the future person you want to be.

So you need to foster the belief in what you are dreaming, so that it becomes a reality. Don’t expect anybody to believe it until they see it, you need people to believe it before they succeed.

Here’s how you can assure yourself to enjoy yourself during the process of whatever it is? I want you to get this because it starts as soon as you open up your highs in the morning or whenever it is that you start today as soon as you open up your eyes to greet the day you enter into consciousness.

It is at that moment that your creativity is at its most powerful – right there, and then you have an opportunity to spear your thoughts and your emotions in the direction that you want them to go, not in the direction that they’re telling you to go In other words, you can literally choose to seize the day or you can let the day seize you.

Nothing works the first time when you try something new. It probably won’t work. Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. You’ve got to take risks. If you don’t fail, you’re, not even trying to get something you never had.

You have to do something you never did. Every time you lose at something. You’re, one step closer winning the next time. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that unsuccessful people call it a day; they give up. Unsuccessful people wake up every morning and they have doubt, they have fear, they lose in a race and then they just give up.

So the hardest thing in life to learn is that to lose is to win. It’s easy you winning because you’re happy, you get high fives and your friends are happy. It’s your ability to take a hit, get up the next day, dust yourself off, and keep going.

This is about being able to think like a champion, knowing what goes on in your head, understanding how you can relate it to your business, and whatever you do to take yourself to the next level.

Remember that the mind controls the body: the body does not control the mind, but what makes successful people special is not their physical gifts, it’s, their mental toughness.

So what I want you to do as soon as you open up your eyes to start today is to make a start, focusing on something or someone that you are totally grateful for in your life. I don’t care what it is or who it is, but I want you to feel it with your heart and soul.

Your only goal as soon as you open up your eyes is to be to make yourself feel good and to give yourself enough confidence to get through the day. Don’t worry about what needs to be done. Think about who you have to be in order to get it done.

I believe the emotions that many of us consider negative, like frustration and rejection and pain, can be our greatest friends. They can drive us to success. Work so hard for success.

When people succeed, they work harder. When they fail they tend to party because they are trying to hide from their failure. If you fail (and you will), work harder so that you can succeed (and you can).

Start with something small if you want and then build, but right now. Get right down to taking decisions and then take action on them immediately. I mean right now I mean even before I finish talking here, stop the date, pick up the phone and make that call. You’ve been waiting for it so do not put it off another minute.

I don’t care what it takes there’s, power and momentum. I’m, a big believer that, once you set a goal once you make a decision, you should immediately in that moment do something to start making progress towards it.

That way, you can’t cop out later on or get caught up or lose your momentum. So please do it now. I know not all things can be done right now, so maybe it’s something has to be done tomorrow morning, but whatever you’re, going to do, make the decision and then commit to follow through and then check in tomorrow, because this is the first step to grabbing your personal power.

Remember this! You’ve got to get out there, you’ve got to give it everything you’ve got, whether it’s your time, your talent, your prayers or your treasures.

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