About Becoming Smart!

Minerva Ancient Roman Goddess of Wisdom

Becoming Smart! should be the highest priority of any individual, at whatever age they may be.

If I knew, as a young boy, what I now know as a “senior” then the rest of my young life would be completely different.

In life, we all learn lessons – some good, some bad – but all lessons, if applied in a constructive way, can help us to get through life much easier and make far more progress.

For example, if you are (or were) at school, have you been taught how to “ace” examinations? If not then why not?

You will spend a quarter to a third of your life studying in order to be examined on what you have studied. The results of these examinations will dramatically change the course of your life. If you have an aptitude suitable for passing examinations then this is great for you.

If, however, you fall apart in examinations then it doesn’t matter how good you are at otherwise applying your knowledge on a given subject because the doors to your progress will be slammed in your face.

Follow the articles in this blog, which I’ve collected from around the world and harvest from them any and all lessons that will give you wisdom.

Apply the wisdom and you begin your journey of Becoming Smart!

You are never to old (and certainly never too young) to be smart!

Your first step in Becoming Smart! is to learn the lessons from the wisdom of others.

  • Ace your examinations
  • Become more self-confident
  • Become driven to learn in depth
  • Stand on the shoulders of giants
  • Become Smart!